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    If you love sewing but don’t  know so much about choosing the right fabric for your project, you may tend to pay attention to the patterns alone and best case scenario, the drape. Although these are important fabric qualities, they are not all that is important, so try not to ignore the others. Wear, thickness, colour and print are all big factors.

    Our favourite online fabric shop, daisybuds was started when the owners noticed people, including sewing enthusiasts, were often interested in their choice of fabrics, their unique patterns and colours and their suitability.

    You will notice that sewing experts bother about more than patterns and colours because although they give aesthetics, the quality of clothes made depends on how much time one spends understanding the qualities and how to work with them, with this checked, achieving your desired result is already underway. Choosing the right fabric should not be a daunting task however, put together here are some helpful guides.

    Ideas for other simple sewing projects

    Other than the fore mentioned, sewing enthusiasts will find our collection interesting because of the unique color variety beautiful patterns and texture.

    The details on each fabrics give wonderful suggestion on possible uses but that is in no way placing any limit on your creativity and freedom of manipulation.

    The fabrics are available in friendly lengths and widths that can suit any scale of your project from simple garment making for both male and female, for use on patchwork, for quilting, curtains, chair covers, tablecloths and or any other sewing project you are considering.

    Click here to proceed to check out the latest fabric offers and deals, and make your pick.

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