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    Ideal properties for Decoupage paper

    As the paper is applied to objects with glue there are lots of different requirements and much depends on the project you are doing.

    The paper will usually need to be quite thin and strong so it can flow around tight shapes. Some papers exhibit a slight stretch which can be handy to avoid ending up with creases over curved areas.


    Generally though on a flat surface you can use most types of paper, including newspaper and comics.

    Newspaper print can run when wet so you have to be very careful not to smudge the images. It can also be quite fragile and tears easily. You are better applying the glue to the surface, pressing down the newspaper carefully onto it working from an edge and then covering it with a liberal coating of glue/varnish to fix it.

    Ideally the paper should be of magazine quality, smooth and thin. This works best on most projects and looks quite good. Buying a batch of old magazines from a charity shop can yield a wonderful stash of paper designs and images to work with. Try to stick with a theme though if doing this.

    Travel, fashion and vintage theme styles are quite popular for Decoupage projects.

    So when choosing the best paper to use for decoupage we would suggest…

    • Needs to be flexible so it can flow and form to any shape without creasing
    • Strong paper is essential especially when wet
    • Thin paper with a glossy water proof print
    • Old maps and music sheets work quite well

    Old calendars, magazines and even comics can all be used. Wrapping paper works very well if it is of the high quality type and works out much cheaper than kits of specialised patterned Decoupage paper.

    Choose your paper depending on your project. For walls, furniture and flat surfaces you can get away with most paper styles as long as you are careful to avoid tearing or creating folds. For small intricate projects and for beginners you can’t go wrong with specialised thin Decoupage paper kits or glossy magazine pages.


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