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    Decoupage is the art of covering something with pieces of paper.

    That may sound like what I do to my desk at work but Decoupage involves tearing the paper into pieces and then using glue and varnish to stick it to an item.

    Furnitures, walls, lamps and pretty much everything with a hard surface can be a Decoupage project.


    Traditionally thick paper is applied with glue and then a clear varnish coating is used to finish it off.

    Modern craft versions use special thin and flexible paper which is less prone to tearing or stretching.

    The glues we use now also double up as a varnish giving a stable finish from matt to high gloss depending on the type of glue you go for.

    Decopatch is a trade name for a company based in France which have taken this art and made it easier and simpler.

    We have found you can use wrapping paper, old books, maps and even magazines to Decoupage an item.

    Choose your paper carefully and make sure you have enough of it to complete the project, switching to another theme part of the way through looks bad.

    Tear the paper into small pieces that are roughly the same size. Any designs or patterns in the paper may lend itself to a certain size fragment.

    Lay out the paper to see if the Decoupage pattern or layout works with that medium before sticking it down and working out from the center is usually the best method.

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