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    How to knit

    Find out how to knit in this simple step by step beginners guide. We demonstrate the basic steps to get you knitting in these how to learn to knit guide articles. Knitting is an enjoyable experience and a portable craft. Learn this relaxing and productive hobby step by step.

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    Spin Your Own Yarn for Knitting

    Before fibers such as wool can be used in knitting or weaving, they must be turned into strong, continuous strands. Spinning is the process that turns a pile of loose fibers into yarn. You can do this at home using either a spinning wheel or a hand spindle and some fiber that has been prepared […]

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    Yarn Types, compare weight, Stitches per 10cm and WPI.

    The thickness of yarn is categorised by the “yarn weight”. These range from Lace 0 to Super Bulky 6. Two ply and Three Ply yarn also refer to the diameter of the yarn and not the number of strands in the yarn as is commonly assumed. There is variation in thickness between manufacturers who all […]

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    How to Choose Knitting Patterns

    The success of a knitting project starts with choosing the right pattern. What Kind of Knitter Are You? Firstly, ask yourself what motivates you to knit. Are you motivated by the finished product or is it the process of knitting that motivates you? If you are motivated by the finished product, then take a good […]

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    Tips on Buying Yarn

    What should you look out for when buying and deciding on a yarn? There is so much choice and options out there it can be hard to decide so we look at the various types and discuss the suitability of each in a variety of different projects.

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