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    Decopatch is a new take on the art of Decoupage. It is the simple process of covering things with decorative paper.

    The speed and scope of  Decopatch projects have both contributed to it’s rapid growth in popularity.

    Decopatch is the brand name for a fantastic range of specially designed decorative papers, 2-in-1 glue-varnish, glitter-glue, ready to decorate objects, etc.

    You can decorate most surfaces. Wood, cardboard, MDF, plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wicker, paper mache, the list goes on.

    Decopatch Instructions

    You will need:

    1. Something to decorate!
    2. Enough Decopatch paper to cover or wrap the object plus half as much again.
    3. A stiff bristled artist’s brush- ‘hog’s hair’ brushes are ideal.
    4. Decopatch glossy-glue.

    Decopatching in a nutshell: Paint a small area with a thin layer of Decopatch glossy glue. Stick the paper down. Paint a thin layer of glossy glue over the top. Reapeat the process, slightly overlapping the paper pieces.


    More Detailed Decopatching Instructions:

    1. Make sure the surface is clean, and dry.
      For very glossy surfaces such as ceramics you can roughen the surface slightly with fine grade ‘wet and dry’ sand paper.
    2. If the surface is dark or patterned you may want to give it a light coat of acrylic gesso primer and allow to dry. This will show the Decopatch papers off to their best advantage.
    3. Cut or tear the Decopatch paper into pieces. The size and shape depends on the look you want.
      For the patchwork look, pieces the size of a postage stamp work well for most small to medium sized objects.
    4. Using a stiff artist’s brush, apply glue evenly to an area a bit bigger than the piece of paper.
      (The glue will dry faster on porous surfaces such as cardboard or paper mache, so you may need to be little more generous with the glue-varnish.)
    5. Stick down the piece of paper. It’s fine to overlap the papers a little.
      For small pieces of paper you can often pick them up and position them using the paint brush. Large pieces of paper need to be carefully smoothed to remove air bubbles.
    6. Paint a thin layer of glossy glue over the top.
    7. Repeat the process until you have covered the entire area.
    8. If you need a more water resistant finish you can add a top coat of Decopatch varnish after the glossy-glue has dried.
    9. Wash your decopatching brushes in soapy water as soon as you have finished with them.

    What’s So Special About Decopatch Paper?

    Unlike ordinary paper, Decopatch paper is very thin but also strong, even when wet with glue. This makes it easy to position the paper without it tearing or disintegrating. You can also trim it with scissors when it is still wet with glue.

    Decopatch paper comes in an every expanding array of colours. The colours don’t fade, smear or bleed.

    What’s So Special About Decopatch Glossy Glue?

    Paperpatch, the Decopatch brand of glossy glue is water based, non-toxic and unlike other glue-varnishes it doesn’t smell horrible!

    Brushes and other tools can simply be cleaned in soapy water after use.

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