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    What should you look out for when buying and deciding on a yarn?

    There is so much choice and options out there it can be hard to decide so we look at the various types and discuss the suitability of each in a variety of different projects.

    Dye Lots

    When buying several skeins of yarn, check that they all have the same dye lot numbers.

    If this really isn’t possible, then knit alternate rows from different skeins to blend the colours.


    Variegated Yarns

    There really should be a warning label on variegated yarns. They are often so beguiling in the skein and disappointing when knitted or crocheted. If possible, try to find a photo of the yarn in a completed project.

    Colour pooling is the problem of unwanted, unattractive patterns or splodges of colour that can form when working with variegated yarns. Alternating 2 skeins can help to reduce colour pooling.


    Yarn Fibre

    Make sure the fibre content is suitable for the project. Does it need to be washable? Does the project need to have a bit of stretch, such as socks?

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