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    Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

    Free crochet pattern with photo tutorial. Knit-look crocheted infinity scarf.

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    Crochet car cover

    Why not put your crochet skills to good use and make a car cover? You’ll certainly stand out. Perhaps your neighbors will think you are crazy, but why pretend otherwise. It doesn’t seem fair to act sane and then disappoint people later. This find was at a recent car show and a team of crochet […]

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    Afghan, Tunisian and Broomstick lace crochet techniques

    Crochet Projects: Beyond the Beginner Once you have mastered basic crochet stitches, increasing and decreasing, and changing colors, it is time to tackle more involved projects. Multiple pieces, lace patterns, and color work are all skills that expand your range of possible crochet projects.

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    Beginner Crochet Projects

    Fast and Fun Crochet skills improve with every project you complete. Here is a progression of basic projects from easiest to more demanding. Be amazed as your crochet skills expand with daily practice!

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    Learn to crochet

    How to guide: Crochet Crochet, like most needlework skills, is built upon some basic stitches. Once mastered, those basics can be varied and combined to produce flat and 3-dimensional pieces using only a hook and yarn. From your first dishcloth to a lace tablecloth or sculpted dress, crochet is an adventure!

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    Tips on Buying Yarn

    What should you look out for when buying and deciding on a yarn? There is so much choice and options out there it can be hard to decide so we look at the various types and discuss the suitability of each in a variety of different projects.

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