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    Simple Café Curtain project

    You can make a basic curtain to shirr on a rod provided you can cut a straight line, mark a straight line, and sew a straight line. You can do all those things? Brilliant! Let’s proceed.

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    Introduction to the sewing machine

    Sewing machine introduction, we explain the Lock stitch, throat plate, pressure foot, feed dogs and stitch adjustment dials explained for the beginner.

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    10 Sewing machine tips

    We provide 10 awesome tips to help you get the best from your sewing machine from professional sewing machine users. Incorporate these tips from professionals who sew for a living and you will sew better and faster, too.

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    10 Simple sewing projects

    We look at 10 very simple easy projects for the sewing beginner and give ideas on how to expand your skills doing some quick and easy sewing patterns.

    A sewing machine is a useful tool that enables anyone to create a variety of household linens, garments, and fashion accessories.

    Many projects won’t even require a pattern.

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    Choosing Needles and Thread for Sewing Projects

    Sewing requires, at minimum, a needle and thread. Your sewing machine is capable of producing quality stitches when you match the needle and thread to your project. A good choice offers smooth sewing with proper tension. A bad choice could mean skipped stitches and damaged fabric. Fortunately, it is easy to make good choices.

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