Best paper for Decoupage

We look at the best types of properties for Decoupage paper. As the paper is applied to objects with glue there are lots of different requirements and much depends on the project you are doing.

The paper will usually need to be quite thin and strong so it can flow around tight shapes. Some papers exhibit a slight stretch which can be handy to avoid ending up with creases over curved areas.

Published:1st Apr, 2016

Decopatch is a new take on the art of Decoupage. It is the simple process of covering things with decorative paper. The speed and scope of  Decopatch projects have both contributed to it’s rapid growth in popularity. Decopatch is the brand name for a fantastic range of specially designed decorative papers, 2-in-1 glue-varnish, glitter-glue, ready […]

Published:3rd Mar, 2016

Decoupage is the art of covering something with pieces of paper. That may sound like what I do to my desk at work but Decoupage involves tearing the paper into pieces and then using glue and varnish to stick it to an item. Furnitures, walls, lamps and pretty much everything with a hard surface can […]

Published:26th Nov, 2015